An Earthkeeper's Notebook

Is green tech our savior? A call to humility and repentance

Back in May, a short opinion article [1] in the Guardian about the climate crisis caught my eye: “The climate crisis requires a new culture and politics, not just new tech.” What really grabbed my attention was the subtitle: “This moment calls for humility – we cannot innovate ourselves out of this mess.”

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Source:, published on February 22, 2020. Free to use under the Unsplash License

最近,公眾可能已經多次在新聞提要中,看到上述頭條新聞。 過去的幾個月,加拿大聯邦政府宣布了一系列關於溫室氣體排放控制和氣候問責的主要立法提案,其中包括許多新政策,例如增加碳稅,並提出空前的預算案,為對應氣候變化而增加及改善全國基礎設施,等等。四月底,美國總統邀請了40位主要國家的領導人,出席為期兩天的峰會,討論了氣候變化和減排目標。

這些「目標」、政策和「意向」究竟意味著什麼?這些術語(例如「淨零排放」Net-zero emissions)的含義又是什麼?對世界各國將帶來什麼影響?

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Climate Crisis, COPs and CCOP2021

“Reducing emission to 50% by 2030” 
“Net-zero by 2050”
“Leaders’ Summit on Climate” …

Source:, published on February 22, 2020. Free to use under the Unsplash License

In the last several months, the Canadian federal government has announced major legislative proposals on emission control and climate accountability, with new policies such as the increase of carbon tax and unprecedented amount in budget for climate related infrastructure, among many other things. Meanwhile, the new US President invited and gathered leaders from 40 major countries for a two day summit, discussing climate change and emission reduction targets.

What might all these “targets” and policies and “ambitions” imply? What are the meanings of “net-zero”? What would be the implications for nations and the world?

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Crying out to the Lord in the midst of crises

Our world is layered in climate-related calamities, looming ecological collapse, and political chaos, with a pandemic amplifying it all. Many who take these crises seriously cannot help but grieve with a deep sense of distress and even helplessness. We, as Christians, can certainly hold on to the hope that the resurrected Christ will heal and restore everything. We could cry to the Lord for relief and rescue while lending a hand to the hurting.

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我們的世界處於日益嚴峻的氣候變異災難、迫在眉睫的生態崩潰和不少國家均陷入政治亂局的情況中,一場病毒疫症大流行更令這各方面雪上加霜。 許多認真對待這些危機的人,不禁會感到極度困擾、甚至無助。 作為基督徒,我們當然可以在信心上堅持,冀望復活的基督能夠治愈並復原一切。 我們當然可以向主求救,同時向受難者伸出援手。

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兩個月前,A Rocha International的同事邀請我,為英國『環境關注講道集』網站預備一個講章大綱,按網站的指引,「以教會年度經課的指定經文為本,環繞關愛受造世界的課題,提供講章建議大綱及資源」。 我獲得分配的經文,是今年(2021)復活節第二主日的經課,其中約翰福音20:19-23的部分,再次引起了我的注意。

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Faithful Presence and Creation Care: A Reflection

Two months ago my colleague at A Rocha International invited me to contribute an entry for the Sustainable Preaching website, providing “ideas and outlines for creation care sermons based on the Lectionary Readings.” I was given a particular set of scriptural readings for the Sunday after Easter this year. Part of these readings from the Gospel, John 20:19-23, caught my attention again.

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