Christian Initiatives on Climate

Organizations and Networks

The following are the initiatives in which I am part of the main organizing teams:

~ Christian Climate Observers Program

~ Climate Intercessors

The following are the programs and networks I participate, help, or get acquainted

~ Climate Stewards (an A Rocha organization with climate actions as its focus)

~ Climate Witness Project (US and Canada)

~ Earthkeepers: Christians for Climate Justice (Vancouver BC)

~ Climate Stewards USA (a program of A Rocha USA)

~ Young Evangelicals for Climate Action (US)

~ Young Christian Climate Network (UK)


God, Country, and Climate Change

Prayer Initiatives

~ Pray and Fast for the Climate (UK, Australia, Canada, US, Europe)

~ Prayer for the climate (by Tearfund UK – global)

  • Resources and guides to help you pray for the climate emergency, with prayer updates via SMS text (UK), Prayer in the Park initiative and resource pack, and global prayer chain.

~ Climate Sunday (UK)

~ Global Prayer and Action Chain for Climate Justice (UK, global ecumenical)

~ Million Prayer Mission: Christians Responding to Climate Change (US)

~ Climate Prayer (on Twitter and Facebook)

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