“The State of the World”

How in the World Did We Get Here?: Dr. Simon Stuart’s presentation


While the COVID-19 pandemic was still ramaging around the world in mid 2021, members of A Rocha Worldwide family from a couple dozen countries gathered online for a few days of connecting, fellowship, and learning at the A Rocha International Forum Festival ( June 5-11, 2021). One of the highlights was the “State of the World” presentation by Dr. Simon Stuart, Executive Director of A Rocha International. Dr. Stuart helped the audience to make sense of the perils of ecological degradation and climate-related disasters, that “things are complicated and interconnected. We can’t begin to address one tangle like biodiversity loss without also addressing climate change. Furthermore, the whole gamut of environmental issues are intricately linked with societal issues.”

Outline of the presentation:

  • Introduction
  • 5 Major Pressures
  • The Great Acceleration
  • Tipping Points & the Paris Agreement
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Major Threats to Biodiversity
  • What Do We Do?

Check out here at the A Rocha Canada’s blog for a detailed note of the presentation, with helpful graphics: How in the World Did We Get Here? Notes on Simon Stuart’s presentation, “The State of the World”

Featured photo: Matt Palmer, via Unsplash

Extra Reference

Living Planet Report
2022.10.13 | WWF-UK

“This flagship WWF publication reveals an average decline of 69% in species populations since 1970.
The evidence is unequivocal – we are living through the dual crises of biodiversity loss and climate change driven by the unsustainable use of our planet’s resources. Scientists are clear, unless we stop treating these emergencies as two separate issues neither problem will be addressed effectively.”

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