About this Notebook…

This is the collection of some of the articles, sermons, short devotionals, translation pieces, interview scripts and talks by me (Samuel). So in a certain sense it’s my personal website.

In the last 10 years, I have been invited to talk to churches, Christian groups, conferences around the world, almost literally, all because of my works at A Rocha, an international Christian nature conservation organization. Meanwhile, I received invitations to contribute a few dozen articles and short pieces on a wide variety of platforms, even managed to translate a book into Chinese. The topics I cover are still rather unfamiliar by a large majority in the Christian circles, particularly the Chinese speaking world. These include creation care, the climate crisis, among a few other topics I care deeply.

All these writings and scripts have been scattered in many places, and after a bit of discernment, I think it’s the right time to put them into one place, so folks who might be interested in the topics I touch on would be able to access them.

I pray that all these writings would be useful resources for not just a few interested fellow sojourners but also the boarder communities of Christ’s followers.

這個「記事簿」匯集了我(Samuel 趙汝圖)所寫的部份文章、證道講稿、靈修短篇、譯作、訪問稿,及講座稿件。所以某程度上這是我的個人網站。

過去十年,因為我在國際基督徒自然保育團體 A Rocha 工作的緣故,曾獲邀在世界多處的教會、基督徒群體及研討特會上,主講不同關於「關愛受造界」及環境課題。同時,又有不同平台也曾邀請我供稿,或專題訪問;我甚至完成了一整本書的華文翻譯,順利出版。這些寫作的課題都是我甚為關心的,主要環繞「關愛受造世界」、環境關注、特別是氣候變異危機,並相關的基督信仰反省。這些課題其實在基督徒圈子中間,特別是華文世界裡,都不太熟悉。



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