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Samuel Chiu  趙汝圖

Born and grown up in Hong Kong, Samuel studied urban planning in university after migrated to Canada. Having worked briefly at the provincial Ministry of Municipal Affairs and the planning department of a suburban town in the Greater Toronto Area, he was admitted into seminary for his MDiv, and then served as a pastor at a suburban Chinese church in Toronto for eight years. He has long been interested in topics such as consumerism and integral mission. Also with his background in environmental studies, he is paying close attention to various environmental issues and public affairs. Later, Samuel moved to Vancouver for Regent College, in pursuit of a deeper understanding about the entangled relations between modern Christian faith and consumerism. There he met A Rocha, an international Christian natural conservation organization, felt excited about Christians in Canada and around the world already getting involved in care for God’s creation. This is his long held passion, and so in 2010 he very naturally joined A Rocha Canada’s team, reaching out to the Asian communities in Canada, meanwhile, helping the A Rocha International Team with his part-time role coordinating the Global Programme on Theology and Church for the Asian-Pacific regions.

Samuel is a licensed worker at The Alliance Canada (a.k.a. C&MA) on special ministry.

In recent years, because of an increasing interest and concerns over climate change, Samuel took up the Leadership Corp training provided by the Climate Reality Project, and participates in its local network and initiatives. Meanwhile, he provides assistance to Climate Witness Project, a World Renew (CRCNA) initiative on climate issues. He also plays a major role, on behalf of A Rocha and in partnership with various international Christian ministries, in the initiation and ongoing operations of these two climate-related ministry projects – Christian Climate Observers Program and Climate Intercessors.

在香港出生及成長,移居加拿大後,在大學主修城市規劃,開始對環境議題的興趣及關注。曾任職安省政府市政事務廳及多倫多市郊城鎮規劃署。及後進修教牧神學,曾在多倫多市郊一華人教會牧會八年。因他對現代消費文化、整全使命等課題的興趣,加上大學時環境研究的背景,故此一直十分留意環境及公共事務的議題。後來前往溫哥華維真學院 (Regent College) 再進修,研究目標為現代基督教信仰和消費文化之間糾纏不清的關係,希望有更深入的了解。也就在維真學院,遇上了基督徒自然保育團體 A Rocha,如遇故知,得悉原來已有不少基督徒,在世界各地全情投入照顧屬上帝的受造世界,感到無比振奮及鼓舞,這也是他自大學時期開始已經一直堅持的信念及熱誠。自2010年起,加入 A Rocha Canada 團隊,負責在全國不同城市社區中的外展及教育工作,同時協助 A Rocha International 在亞太地區,負責為其「環球神學及教會項目」聯網及推廣。

近年,因為對氣候變異議題的興趣及關注越來越大,遂以私人身份參加由前美國副總統戈爾發起的 Climate Reality Project 所提供的領袖團隊訓練,獲益良多,擴大網絡,亦開始義務參與該計劃在所屬城市的社區聯網連結。同時,又協助 World Renew (北美改革宗教會) 屬下 Climate Witness Project 的推廣事工, 並代表 A Rocha 參與以下兩個與國際基督教事工伙伴合作成立的氣候關注項目-Christian Climate Observers Program (CCOP) 及 Climate Intercessors,負責協同籌劃及推廣。



『關愛受造世界與宣道使命-A Rocha的故事』(收錄在《起初:關愛受造世界》文集內);

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