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Is green tech our savior? A call to humility and repentance

Back in May, a short opinion article [1] in the Guardian about the climate crisis caught my eye: “The climate crisis requires a new culture and politics, not just new tech.” What really grabbed my attention was the subtitle: “This…

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Climate Crisis, COPs and CCOP2021

“Reducing emission to 50% by 2030” “Net-zero by 2050”“Leaders’ Summit on Climate” … In the last several months, the Canadian federal government has announced major legislative proposals on emission control and climate accountability, with new policies such as the increase of…

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Crying out to the Lord in the midst of crises

Our world is layered in climate-related calamities, looming ecological collapse, and political chaos, with a pandemic amplifying it all. Many who take these crises seriously cannot help but grieve with a deep sense of distress and even helplessness. We, as…

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Faithful Presence and Creation Care: A Reflection

Two months ago my colleague at A Rocha International invited me to contribute an entry for the Sustainable Preaching website, providing “ideas and outlines for creation care sermons based on the Lectionary Readings.” I was given a particular set of…

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