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On this website, you will find a collection of articles, scripts of talks, sermons and seminars, and short devotionals I wrote in the last ten years, mainly covering the topics on creation care and integral mission. They are largely from the speaking engagements and writing invitations from around the world because of my works at A Rocha. In addition, there are special reports I wrote on the Christian engagements I was part of during previous UNFCCC COPs (a.k.a. UN Climate Conferences), and related resources concerning the climate crisis. More will be posted when available.

These writings include:

Theological Reflections:

Hope in the mist of crises
How can you remain silent on the climate crisis?
Living as Messengers

Sermons / Seminars (scripts, recording)

2012.04 ~ The Earth is the Lord’s, and Everything in it! Sermon outline and suggestions

2015.03.14 ~ This is Our Father’s World (audio recording) New Life Restoration Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2018.10.19 ~ Creation Care in Asia: Renewing Our Home (script and video recording) Justice Conference Asia 2018, Hong Kong

2020.05.03 ~ Hope in the Midst of Upheaval Time Richmond Emmanuel Church, Richmond BC (to be uploaded)

2020.10.04 ~ Renewing Our Home – The Gospel, Shalom, and Royal Priesthood Zion Bishan Church, Singapore

2020.10.11 ~ Renewing Our Home – Sabbath Keeping Zion Bishan Church, Singapore

2021.01.23 ~ The Gospel, Shalom and Faithful Presence in the midst of the Climate and Ecological Crises Comagape Christian Conference UBC, Vancouver BC

2021.04.11 ~ A Sermon Online for 2nd Sunday of Easter (Sustainable Preaching) Sermon outline and suggestions

On Climate Crisis

The Basic: UNFCCC, COPs and Paris Climate Agreement
COP25 – The Madrid Climate Summit (2019)
Refugee Crisis, Climate Change and the Gospel A seminar presented at MissionFest Vancouver, 2018/19.

More will be added…

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